Hi All,
There are recent postings to web sites, blogs and facebook about legislation of the energy community. Most of the information on external sites is incorrect or incomplete. The regulatory process was initiated by the Federal government in 2010. Both NAOEP and NCCOEP were started so that the energy healing community would write the regulations rather than Federal or State governments. We invite you to become involved.

If you have questions about what actions are being taken in support of the community and would like the correct information please click here for our Frequently Asked Questions.

Member Organizations

Please contact us for our Member Organization list

The following organizations are currently associated with NAEP:

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Bengston Energy Healing TM
Brennan Healing Science TM
Core Star Healing TM
Creative Holistic Integration
Discover Healing
Earth Songs Holistic Health
East-West Academy of Healing Arts
EFT Tapping Training Institute
Energy Healing Conferences
Energy Healing Institute
Energy Medicine Partnerships
Energy Medicine Squared
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Foot Zone
Heal and Thrive
Healing Touch Program TM
Heartstone Healing Arts TM
Institute for Applied Meditation
Institute for Frontier Medicine
Institute for Integrative Healing
International College of Medical Qigong
Last Mask Center TM
Monroe Institute TM
National Foundation for Energy Healing
NURA Foundation
Repatterning Practitioners Association
Resonance Modulation TM
Rhys Thomas Institute
Subtle Energy Center TM
The Eden Method TM
The Practical Path TM
The Reconnection TM
Touch Healing TM
Quantum Touch TM
Polarity Therapy TM
Pranic Healing TM
The Reconnection TM
Usui Reiki Ryoho
University Affiliations:
Akamai University
Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
California Institute of Healing Science
International College of Medical Qigong
University of the Heart
International Affiliations:
EFT International
Heart Speak International